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~ Official Timeline ~
Adol Christin was one of the most well-traveled adventurers in recorded history. His journals contain meticulous details regarding the many places he’s been, the people he’s met, and the various things he’s accomplished along the way. The journals include full transcriptions of every discussion he experienced in various languages, including Roonic, the ancient language of Ys. Very little of Adol's own legendary eloquence survives, as the man was generally too modest to quote himself. His journals have been numbered by scholars in accordance with the order in which they were found, though this does not represent the order in which Adol experienced them. A single, more ancient book is often included as part of Adol’s travelogue despite having been written seven centuries before his birth, since it contains a direct personal connection to him in the events that it chronicles.
Details events that helped shape the world as we know it, and which would ultimately set many of Adol's actions in motion 700 years later. The only book in this library not written by Adol himself, and is often read by scholars after his first two journals (see below).
The first two books written by Adol, detailing the events of his first ever adventure. These were also the first books found by scholars, as they were copied and read by enthusiasts even during Adol's lifetime.
Although discovered after the Felghana archives, the events described herein occur almost immediately after Adol's inaugural adventures in Esteria and Ys, representing Adol's first foray into the world beyond his familiars.
After regaining his memories, Adol rejoined an old friend of his for a new adventure in the mountains of central Europe, only to become caught up in a tale of revenge, along with the potential resurrection of an ancient evil...
There are talks of countless other adventures by Adol during this time, most notably of a book chronicling a brief but eventful stopover in the Afrocan land of Xandria. Although fragments left by Adol on his many journeys have been found scattered throughout history, little physical evidence has been found to corroborate this tale, nor any others that may have taken place during this period.
Possibly the farthest Adol and company had ever traveled, these events would come to be seen as crucial to our understanding of the world at large, revealing truths that connect the dots for many of Adol's other journeys.
Chronicles of Adol's journey to a war-ravaged nation that only just signed a ceasefire agreement, opening its borders anew to curious wanderers and thrill-seekers alike - both of which very much apply to our stalwart hero.