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Ys Origin takes place approximately 700 years before the events of Ys I and though the land and its inhabitants will change drastically in that time, this lone structure is destined to remain almost entirely undisturbed. From the outside, it already has nearly the same looming presence and ominous appearance that it will for over seven centuries to come... but inside, the demons are more active now than they ever would be again, shaping and transforming whole tiers of the structure into twisted habitations unfit for human exposure.

Welcome to the Devil's Tower...

the wailing blue

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The bottom tier of the tower consists of labyrinthine passageways peppered with a wide variety of magical traps, all bathed in an eerie blue glow. This entranceway area serves as a base of operations for the search party (and incidentally would be used for that same purpose again by Goban and his band of rogues 700 years later – but that's a whole other story!) and doubles as a training ground, introducing the knights and sorcerers of Ys to many of Ys Origin's central protagonists, basic designs and most pervasive gameplay elements.

The Flooded Prison

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The second tier of the tower is partially flooded, and can thus be extremely tricky to traverse without some means of holding one's breath for extended periods of time. This is also where the plot begins to twist and the demons start to become real threats. Heavily armored ogres, poisonous gas-spewing monstrosities and hard-shelled creatures impervious to physical attacks await you within these seemingly endless, cerulean depths.

The Guilty Fire

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From cold and wet to hot and dry, this lava-filled third tier of the tower is perhaps the most diverse and expansive of them all. Demonic energy is mixed with steam technology to power enormous swinging axe-blades, automatic elevators and numerous other booby-traps, many of which are quite intricate – such as...

The Devil's Corridor

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Smack dab in the middle of The Guilty Fire sits this spiraling hallway, designed to serve as one of many impasses for any stray humans foolish enough to climb this far. A horrific noise plays throughout this room, quickly incapacitating all intruders of non-demonic origin. No one knows how to make it through alive save for the demons themselves.

The Silent Sands

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The fourth tier of the tower is like an enormous indoor desert complete with quicksand pits, bladed metallic cacti and glassy, slippery slopes. The demons here are known to mob humans en masse, with some possessing the ability to use complex tools and others possessing legitimate immortality. And it's along the outer wall of this extremely dangerous tier that one can find the sky-bridge leading to...

Rado's Annex

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Dangling impossibly in mid-air just past the halfway point of the main tower sits an extremely small and entirely self-contained sub-tower known only as Rado's Annex. What lies within its walls is a mystery, but all those with a propensity for magic can feel an imposing sense of dread and despair emanating from the room on its top floor.

The Upper Tiers

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The Devil's Tower spans 25 stories from bottom to top, and the upper tiers contain the most dangerous creatures and hazards of them all. From lakes of venomous ichor to a mystical hall of mirrors, the search for the Goddesses becomes ever more intense and treacherous as the summit grows nearer. These floors are where the final confrontations between the knights and sorcerers of Ys and the demonic will of the tower itself will inevitably occur. Everything comes to a head here, and the continued prosperity of an entire land may hang in the balance...