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Yunica Tovah

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Melee Combat: Yunica is able to wield axes and greatswords with ease. In addition to standard hack-and-slash combos, Yunica can also perform various aerial maneuvers such as the classic down-thrust and up-thrust, as well as a crippling lunge attack.

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whirlwind: Yunica's Whirlwind turns her into a deadly gliding gale! The Whirlwind provides cover for Yunica while radiating damaging winds in all directions, making it an ideal choice when surrounded by enemies. By activating the Whirlwind during a jump, too, she can glide through the air, greatly increasing the distance covered.

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Bolt Crash: Yunica's Bolt Crash generates a focused electrical blast of immense power! It's also impenetrable, meaning a well-timed blast can be used to block incoming enemy attacks. In addition, this skill often has a destructive effect on inanimate objects such as weakened walls.

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Phoenix Flame: Yunica's Phoenix Flame can burn a hole through any foe that stands in her way! In addition to its combat properties, it can also serve to negate enemy attacks or set torches and other environmental objects alight.

Hugo Fact

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Ranged Combat: Firing bolts of energy from his wand and his "Eyes of Fact" alike, Hugo can often fill the screen with destructive power, mowing down all enemies in his path before they have a chance to get anywhere near him. With good timing, too, he can pull off a crippling "power shot," generating a debilitating pillar of pure magic with a wider area of effect.

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Force Shield: Hugo's Force Shield encases him in a buoyant bubble of protective energy! When the Force Shield is active, gravity will have less pull on Hugo, allowing him to glide gently through the air. The Force Shield will dissipate after a set amount of time has passed or when struck by an enemy.

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Trap Mine: Hugo's Trap Mines are pressurized with magical energy, erupting on a timed delay for massive damage! The sheer force of this attack can be used to break down weakened walls or damage heavily-armored enemies.

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Fire Wheel: Hugo's Fire Wheel transforms the Eyes of Fact into blazing balls of energy! When the Eyes of Fact are ablaze, all who touch them get burned and incoming attacks are absorbed and dissipated.

Additional Moves

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Complete the game once to unlock a third playable character with a whole new set of attacks and magical abilities – perhaps the most powerful of them all!

Boost & Burst

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All playable characters have a "Boost Meter" that slowly fills as the game progresses. Once this meter has reached capacity, that character can be temporarily "Boosted" for quicker and stronger attacks and far greater defense.

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Once certain conditions have been reached during gameplay, Boosted characters can utilize a special move called "Burst" that quickly depletes their Boost meter in favor of an ultra-powerful, extremely wide-ranging release of highly destructive energy.