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Yunica Tovah

A descendant of Priest Tovah and an apprentice knight with a deep, almost obsessive attachment to the Goddesses. After making an impassioned speech to Commander Galleon, she was given a chance to prove herself as part of the search party. Though young and reckless, her skill with the Battle Axe is unquestionable – but she has absolutely no ability to use magic whatsoever, which is a source of great embarrassment for her.

Hugo Fact

A magical prodigy who's mastered the use of orb-like familiars known as the "Eyes of Fact." He was chosen as the successor to the Fact family priesthood after his older brother elected to forgo the title in favor of becoming a knight. Intent on proving his worth, Hugo has since completely devoted himself to intense training, shunning everyone and everything else from his life in his quest to become the most powerful sorcerer Ys has ever known.

"The claw"

A mysterious white-haired individual who wields clawed gauntlets with speed and precision alike. Seems to have taken on a demonic element, granting him faculties far beyond those of a normal human. His motives and his loyalties are unknown.

ladies reah & feena

The two winged Goddesses who rule over Ys. The elder sister, Reah, is the more dominant of the two, generally taking on more responsibilities and working much more closely with the Six Priests to help keep Ys running smoothly. The younger sister, Feena, tends to be the more outgoing of the two, interacting more readily with the knights and sorcerers and helping to offset Reah's typically serious demeanor with a fresh perspective and a positive outlook.

father shion

The head priest of Solomon Shrine, whose command can only be superseded by the Six Priests and the twin Goddesses themselves. Serves as the search party's ground leader, stationing himself at the base of the tower and carefully organizing the efforts of the knights and sorcerers for maximum efficiency.


Specializing in long-range communication magic, Eolia serves as the search party's primary point of contact – both internally and with Solomon Shrine. Utilizing a network of mystic artifacts known as "Lila Shells," Eolia is able to maintain voice communication with every member of the team at all times, and can also contact the Six Priests to report on the party's findings and receive instructions.


An acolyte of Solomon Shrine, Dino is one of Father Shion's most trusted devotees. Considered a master of scouting and reconnaissance, Dino is placed in charge of finding and safely reuniting all the knights and sorcerers after an accident during transport leads to their separation.

The Knights
(Galleon, Cecilia, Ramona, Roy)

Formerly led by Yunica's father, Saul Tovah, Galleon inherited the position of Commander after Saul was tragically lost in battle during the initial invasion of Ys. Powerful and authoritative, he's perfectly suited to the position. He's joined by the stern and serious Cecilia, the light-hearted Ramona and a fiery new recruit named Roy who's been an old friend and brother figure to Yunica for virtually his entire life.

The Sorcerers
(Cadena, Miuscha, Rico)

Led by Cadena, who's both a top-tier magician and a widely-renowned expert in curses. She's joined by the ever-clumsy healing specialist, Miuscha (who very clearly has a thing for Hugo!), as well as the extremely level-headed master of weapon augmentation, Rico Gemma. Unlike the knights, whose primary function within the search party is simply to fend off demons, the sorcerers' specialty is discerning and disarming traps and enchantments whenever the knights find themselves at an impasse.

The Darklings
(Dalles, Zava, Epona, Kishgal)

These mysterious individuals don't seem to have come from Ys, but they're clearly connected in some way to the demon invasion. Boasting an uncanny ability to exercise complete control over demons, as well as a mastery of powerful curses and extreme physical strength, these rogues are a true force to be reckoned with. But why have they come, and what do they seek?